Monday, 15 August 2011

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A Home For Alice

I have been admiring the A Home For Alice project since sometime 2008.
Just one of those truly simple and engaging ideas that makes you wish it was your project.
The most recent letter was just so honest and sweet my eyes welled. Read it here
You can participate by sending three things:

1) A POLAROID picture
of the facade of your home,
with nothing written on it !
BUT at the back,
your first name and location :)

2) A little text about your home,
and why you feel home there.
Make it pretty !

3) On a second paper, your email, or Flickr, etc...
so, I can contact you :)
And an authorization signed from you that tells me I am allowed to publish/display your picture.

send everything to:

"A Home for Alice"
26 rue Claude Bernard
44 600 Saint Nazaire

I have been wanting to send something to for a really long time, in fact I have lived in about 5 houses but none of them have felt like a home as yet, hopefully this one will soon.


The Secrets of Roan Inish

If you have not found a foggy, raining afternoon to watch The Secrets of Roan Inish you have a wonderful day filler to tuck under your wings. It is one of the dearest films to share with little ones.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Internet Love

Found this sweet little give away via Honey Kennedy, the treasures on offer are from jeanjeanvintage if you would like to enter visit here

Friday, 5 August 2011

Wood and Wool

Ingrid Jansen created these sweet seats a few years ago. What I especially like about this creative venture is that not only is she creating really beautiful work but that it seems she has been able to grow a business from the creation of something I imagine she really loves. 
This is what I have been thinking a lot about and although I am sure it is a lot of peoples' dream I think its now mine too.