Monday, 12 December 2011

Dear Jean so far

My grandmother and my great-grandmother had a market stall at the Victoria Market in Melbourne; they made hats, kids sleepwear, and knickers. My great-grandmother called the money she made pin money and she used it to put her two daughters through Penleigh.

My childhood wardrobe brimmed with handmade frocks, everything made just for me, and as a result, I have never felt comfortable buying mass produced items from big brand stores and never wore my school uniform, until my nana made me one.

I have been itching to use my sewing skills, but I did not want to just sew the same thing repeatedly - I had done this for a shop years ago and got so bored my brain nearly fell out of my head.  

The project idea I arrived at was a combination of all these experiences, I want to create unique children’s clothes using new and recycled materials. I shall design each piece as a one of a kind – just as my grandmother and great grandmother did for me.

I have been working towards this project for the last few months. Combing my local op-shops for fabric and drawing up some designs. Once I had cut out my patterns I finally reached my favourite stage: sitting on the floor and surrounded with fabric. This moment was made even more wonderful by BF’s mother, I had told her about my project and she sent me a package of over 6 metres of the sweetest fabrics I have ever seen. 

I have been on a sewing rampage ever since. 

This is what I have so far

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I remember coming across Naoshi's work years ago, I think perhaps in 2007 when I spent a lot of my time searching myspace for super rad art.
Her work was like a candy rainbow of delightfulness, so this morning I was super excited to find out via this Etsy post that she has a little shop - You can read more about her in this little interview here which includes a free wallpaper (Yay) and this is her website and her blog.