Sunday, 26 February 2012


Alas, our long evenings are shortening. For the last week or so I have been noting each and every of the earliest autumn leaves on the ground. February marks the end of summer. It is always hottest once all the little people return to school, drink bottles filled with cordial frozen over-night by intelligent guardians, both destined to sweat it up and melt. I was worried about my first summer in country Victoria, but I have rather enjoyed it more than the three days of summer which Hobart generally delivers. Cold showers are fun, icy poles can be for dinner, fruit salad improves throughout the day, and raspberry fizzy is medicine. Here are some things from my summer, in not order and just off the top of my head
1 through 10.

1.     Pinky Pale Hair

2.     Watermelon

3.     Wearing a boater everyday

4.     Yellow

5.     Bikes

6.     Driving 

7.     Icy poles

8.     Mini Golf

9.     Stories

10.   Thinking about space the universe and everything

1.Hair  a,
2.Watermelon  a
3.Boater  a
4.Yellow  a, b,
6.Driving  a
7.Icy poles  a
8.Mini Golf  a, b
9.Stories a, b
10.Space a, b, c

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