Sunday, 5 February 2012

Things I found at the Market today

I set out to the market this morning with the desire to purchase a carnivorous plant; I have always wanted something akin to Morticia's Cleopatra seen here
Unfortunately, a quick hunt proved fruitless so I shall have to wait until next week. 
What I did find was a punnet of local blueberries, a nasturtium plant, a wonderful horror album filled with stills from 1919 through to 1971 of the best horror films and a copy of Colin Wilson's Poltergeist. So I walked home reading about Fairies, Elementals and Dead Monks, not a bad unplanned Sunday.

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  1. The top image is from a film that was on tv only a few weeks ago... blood from the mummy's tomb or something like that. The self-propelling hand featured in a long sequence at the beginning.