Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Time Without Clocks

Oh, Picnic at Hanging Rock how I wish I could transport myself to either melt into your pages or dance in your stills.  I really liked the book as a teen and I remember watching the film many times. I just loved the dreamy state it would induce. I have recently relocated not far from the Hanging Rock as today being Valentine's I was tempted to bunk off work for a picnic. Unfortunately the universe had different plans and my Valentines has consisted of waking with puffy eyes fromcrying to much during this film, my BF singin me (a rather misplaced and off key) Happy Birthday in my place of employments, due I think to a coma like induced state from working double shifts for the last two weeks, and I am now home alone eatting tacos, and looking at pretty internets 1, 2, 3.

 I have also been reading about the author Joan Lindsay, as I was trying to find evidence of a vague story I have had in my head. While travelling with her partner, she had a vision on nuns running through a paddock. She later learned that this place was the site of a convent which years earlier had been destroyed by fire. This is the kind of thing that will stick in my head, but I will never know how it found its way in.

While internet digging I found these lovely photographs. Lindsay used her school days as a base for the story of Picnic at Hanging Rock; I think you can feel it from the photograph of them as young women. I rather hope they bunked off class.

'Three Remarkable Women' is inscribed in pencil on the reverse of this photograph in Leslie Henderson's hand. Marion Boyd Wanliss (1896-1984) became a medical practicioner, Leslie Moira Henderson (d. 1982) became an author and niece of Vida Goldstein and Joan a'Beckett Weigall (1896-1984) later married Sir Daryl Linsday and was an author of several titles including 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' and 'Time Without Clocks'.


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